Blue Eye of Protection Flower Station Charm Bracelet


18K Gold Plated

This brightly polished bracelet features enamel white flowers with blue eyes of protection inside, giving it an enchanting style rich in meaning. The eye of protection is revered around the world, known to keep negative vibrations away. Flowers symbolize growth and hope, adding a powerful component to this omen, available in beautiful 18K gold plated and silver.


• 925 Sterling Silver
• 6.5 + 1 Inches extention

Mosaic Jewels jewelry is made of precious metals combined with various elements including semi-precious stones. Apply perfume and cosmetics prior to putting on your jewelry. To clean your jewelry, wipe with the soft buffing cloth provided. Keep your jewelry away from moisture as it promotes tarnish. We recommend storing your jewelry in a dry, clean place, such as the pouch that the product comes in.

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