The Hamsa Hand in Fashion

August 31, 2016

bracelets, earrings, and rings. In mainstream fashion, it can be found as a popular print on t-shirts and scarves. The Hamsa Hand has come a long way since its portrayal on historical talismans and amulets, where it was initially observed to protect the wearer against evil forces. This idea still holds true to this day, where the Hamsa Hand is sometimes worn for good luck and protection!

As it has been associated moreso with femininity, the Hamsa Hand is more commonly worn by women. Many female celebrities have been seen to style the Hamsa Hand, including Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, and Madonna!

What is so unique about the Hamsa Hand in fashion is that there is no one right way for it to be depicted. The symbol may feature a wide variety of bright and vibrant colours, fitting for different moods. However, a consistent aesthetic is that the five-fingered Hamsa Hand remains symmetrical, with three of the middle fingers extended and two fingers on either end that are shorter, curving out slightly. They sometimes possess an eye in the palm-area of the hand as well as other meaningful symbols, depending on the culture.

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