The Evil Eye and how it trends

March 25, 2016

For instance, if you are wearing a sleeveless top with jeans, you can wear the evil eye in a hand bracelet and your clothes would look even more attractive with it. Similarly, when you are carrying formal attire in the form of a gown, you can use the evil eye in the locket.

When you talk about fashion, the trend of evil eye has been increasing at a rapid pace. Some of the most well-known celebrities including musicians, actors, singers, hair stylists, sports personnel and professionals working in other areas carry the evil eye as a mandatory part of their dressing. The trends of evil eye have become quite versatile as it is worn in multiple forms, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and various other forms. Evil Eye is not gold or platinum that needs to be worn with formal attire only. It is counted as a trendy jewellery that can be worn with any casual apparel.

Evil eye jewellery can be used in contrast with any color combination. Whether you are wearing a dark shade, a light shade or a combination of both, this form of jewellery can be worn with any color combination. Youngsters follow a very funky trend when they are wearing Evil Eye jewellery. A bracelet is the most common form. Females like to wear bracelets of silver with evil eye acting like a stone. Presently, girls like to keep the width of their bracelet thin, so that the evil eye can become more obvious. When used in big sizes, the evil eye generates a very attractive appeal.

When you talk about evil eye trends in case of rings, trends change from time to time. In addition to that, the trends also change with what people like to wear. People having slim gingers like to keep the width of the ring less and make the evil eye more obvious. On the other hand, people with thicker fingers use thicker rings. In addition to that, they have the option to use both large sized and small sized evil eyes. When you talk about the color combination that is used with evil eye jewellery, according to my opinion, there is no a definite trend in this connection. Evil Eye Jewellery goes with all color combinations and the color selection depends on the preferences of each individual.

This form of jewellery suits the dressing trends of every age group. In other words, you can design the most sober as well as extremely funky jewellery with evil eye. You can use it with expensive metals including white gold and platinum as well as cheaper options like silver.

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