Why do people buy Hamsa?

March 23, 2016

The Hamsa, meaning “five” in Arabic and cham-sah in Hebrew, is essentially a depiction of the open right hand. The open right palm itself is actually the symbol of protection for the people who believe. Essentially, they are protecting themselves from the Evil Eye that many people of Middle Eastern origin still fear in their lives. So why is it that people actually buy the Hamsa?

For the most part, people will buy the Hamsa amulet to protect their homes from any evil or negative curse that could befall them. The fear of the curse is so strong; they feel that they need to protect their homes with this symbol to keep it away. It is also very common to see the Hamsa depicted in different types of jewelry. By wearing it, you take the protection of the symbol with you wherever you go. This means that you will be safe from the Eye when you are at home or out of the home.

While popular culture has taken this symbol and made it a trend, it is definitely not something that has lost any significance. Many celebrities wear it and it really helps to spread the word of the Hamsa to people who may not have known about it before. The Hamsa does not only bring protection, but it is thought to bring happiness and blessings as well. This could be a reason that many people will buy it and display it in their homes. People are always looking to bring more happiness into their lives and any good blessings are always welcomed.

If you have seen a Hamsa hanging in a home before and you did not know what it was, now you are fully aware of the function of the symbol. Thought to bring protection, happiness, and many blessings to a family, it is very common to see in a home. This is because it will protect against any evil or negative things. It is not uncommon to see many people buying this symbol to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from any type of harm. You yourself could get one if you feel that you need the protection.

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