What is Hamsa (Khamsa)?

March 28, 2016

The Hamsa is essentially a depiction of the open right hand. The open right palm itself is actually the symbol for protection for the people who believe. Essentially, they are protecting themselves from the Evil Eye that many people of Middle Eastern origin still fear in their lives.

Hamsa hand is known by many names (hamsa, hamsa hand, hamesh, hamesh hand, khamsa, and chamsa). It is also called the hand of Fatima and the hand of Miriam, named for Moses and Aaron’s sister. As far back as ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, there has been evidence that this symbol was used for guarding the home from evil. Overtime there have been a few different Hamsa symbols used for many different things in their societies and communities, though the most common is the one for protection.

Not only will the Hamsa bring protection from the Evil Eye to the home where it hangs, but it is also thought to bring blessings, power, and strength to those who wear it as well. In tradition, the Hamsa is made from jet onyx or silver, as silver is thought to be metal with purity and even hold magical properties. The Evil Eye, which will bring illness and bad things to the home or person, is warded off thanks to the protection that the Hamsa offers.

There are many different ways that this symbol is seen in art, jewelry, hangings, and more. It can be quite clearly a hand with five fingers, or it can be more abstract and just lend the idea that it is a hand. Either way, the validity of the hand and the symbol are in no way compromised. It works either way for the person looking for some type of protection.

For many cultures it is quite common to see the Hamsa at home. But it is also very common to see people of all ages and genders adding it to jewelry and wearing it as well. This brings a closer sense of protection and one that will follow you even when you leave home. For anyone looking to ward off any evil and bad vibes around you, buying and wearing a Hamsa is the most effective way of doing so.

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